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ID Images/Body Types Title Subjects Attributes Edit
816 (((subtitle)))
814 Overview EDIT
813 videoblendr interface EDIT
812 TouchOSC EDIT
756 Thermostat replaced EDIT
760 Replaced fusebox today EDIT
738 Began painting it Black EDIT
811 Acquired Chinese Elm dwarf tree EDIT
810 Forestcloudz435345 EDIT
809 Testdrive after fixing crank sensor wiring EDIT
740 Third panel acquired EDIT
808 Pink dress EDIT
763 LINEUP Mahadeva Azayus IXIA Tai Sun Lee Big i psy: winter '17@starfire Sanctvary EDIT
795 Punalu\'u explorations EDIT
342 Trip to Kona coast EDIT
755 Orange Coral Fungus EDIT
797 Repotting lychee sprouts EDIT
341 Driveport created EDIT
788 Ring terminal fitment to battery cables EDIT
787 Birthday gift to self EDIT
785 Acquired ACHAD's classic study EDIT
745 Th Eh Lh Ay Mh Ah EDIT
770 Lounge EDIT
780 Added several Kenneth Grant volumes to the collection EDIT
807 Windscreen washer fluid bottle neck added EDIT
744 Acquired this release from 93 Publishing EDIT
735 Honey from the Bee Boxes at the End of my Road EDIT
773 Acquired 5.1 preamp EDIT
782 Skirt for ballet EDIT
268 Optical Calcite EDIT
794 Mermaid Ponds EDIT
772 Camping in my car on the road / creating opening onto my land from road EDIT
771 Coconut tree sprouting EDIT
757 Mermaid Ponds EDIT
729 Acquired Antero Alli's "Astrologik" EDIT
759 Starting to plan my nano aquarium EDIT
111 14-4667 Sadilek Rd. (((Wa'aWa'a))) EDIT
775 Acquired nano aquarium EDIT
796 Love cruisin in these kitty glasses EDIT
803 New brake booster, new brake light switch, brake fluid reservoir cleanup, brake fluid bleed and replace, brake accumulator replace EDIT
692 Driveway opening EDIT
798 Water pump replacement prep EDIT
799 2017-06-28_3-edit EDIT
784 Olivine crystals found EDIT
779 The southern most point in the USA EDIT
800 2017-06-21_1-edit EDIT
741 Cliffy coastal waters off the bottom of the big island EDIT
691 FF Sun EDIT
804 Lux dressed me up EDIT
815 Kehena Beach Path Mushroom EDIT
764 Makalawena party '17 EDIT
693 Crossisland e-dance adventure to Spencer beach EDIT
774 Setup gutter+downpipe off overhang EDIT
769 Beet salad in pizza slice container EDIT
752 Hilo street art EDIT
747 O'hia Tree w/Lehua Blossoms EDIT
805 Acquired Nema's journal EDIT
806 Finally fitted a decent battery EDIT
791 Captured sacred baby tree fern for my collection EDIT
749 Top engine after Fuel Injector replacement EDIT
766 Replaced Heatercore-to-Throttlebody coolant hose EDIT
708 All of the most ecstatic, elated, jubilant, exciting, delicious, rewarding moments of my life are so great and so appreciated, there are no complaints here. And yet they are just as important, just as deep, just as potentially fulfilling as *this present moment*. There is no better place or time or entity to be than here and now and thee. No one *out there* (in this vast world) is in a better position than you now stand. No one *out there* is better privileged or has an easier shot at honest Success than you now do. No one *out there* is h A note of encouragement for my Friends EDIT
707 2016-06-29_3 EDIT
767 Replaced hood opener latch EDIT
792 Pigs came to visit EDIT
793 breakfast @islandnaturals EDIT
802 2016-03-13 EDIT
801 Acquired a curious one EDIT
777 Installed new sparkplugs and plugwires EDIT
722 Fish Evidence EDIT
699 Dragonfly emerging from larval nymph shell EDIT
696 i want very much to connect more with you, my friends. i have been so overwhelmed and confused so easily in this life. i am neither silently judging you nor wanting to hide. i realize the danger and shallowness of both harsh criticism and overly excessive tenderness. i am trying to sort through how i really think and feel comprehensively. the slightest word or gesture can evoke a million different things on ten different planes. so many paths to tread and only one is perfect. true that the perfect one is always the one you choose. true that the hear Commune EDIT
700 Sun in Face EDIT
734 Precious birthday gift EDIT
682 Kata Container Crawl EDIT
758 Solar-oriented refrigerator testing EDIT
689 Second panel added to roof EDIT
746 Container_cabin EDIT
690 Replaced inverter with this 2500Watt one EDIT
706 Manti stare EDIT
732 Where the Hills meet the Sky EDIT
681 Park Lot EDIT
730 Acquired "Urban Shaman" EDIT
789 Backwoods girl EDIT
783 gti in Volcano EDIT
781 gti EDIT
704 11-2255 Jungle King Ave. (((Fern Forest))) EDIT
786 Acquired newused Roberts book EDIT
737 Driveport created EDIT
647 Romper EDIT
650 Pololu Valley Exploration EDIT
649 Panoramics at Pololu Valley EDIT
683 Puako Exploration EDIT
674 Beware EDIT
778 Orchid cloning itself at its base EDIT
645 Solar Breakerbox Wiring Completion EDIT
646 Treetent w/transparent vinyl cover EDIT
817 _1 EDIT
677 Tree beetle EDIT
768 Greenhouse EDIT
676 Petting Zoo 2015 EDIT
731 Acquired "OMNI: Book of the Paranormal and the Mind" EDIT
750 Charge Controller Testing EDIT
743 Lehua Blossom EDIT
678 Hat n Scarf Cold EDIT
663 Getting coffee in Des Moines EDIT
671 Net EDIT
748 Treetent EDIT
742 Skink Faceoff EDIT
648 Lot 92, Kokokahi Rd. (((Fern Forest))) EDIT
651 Peeka EDIT
633 Rosycroix EDIT
617 Two Years of People Listening to My Music EDIT
726 Purse EDIT
577 miniBrute analog synth arrived EDIT
579 Mantid came to spy EDIT
578 Chalcanthite EDIT
564 Iselle EDIT
563 Rains n Slugs EDIT
485 PoV EDIT
641 2014-08-09_08 EDIT
635 Studio EDIT
634 Ringu EDIT
551 New shirt EDIT
550 Pololu Valley Beach Park EDIT
557 Kua Bay EDIT
554 Geckos coming home EDIT
558 garden EDIT
552 Kailua Bay EDIT
549 i am tired of fighting against the terrible disdain of a planet full of imbeciles. you constantly beat me down with your hateful and negative thoughts, feelings and actions which root from the hatred and rejection of yourselves and the hearts inside that you don't accept. you do not see past the length of your eyelashes, you are so hopelessly stuck in yourselves and fight hard against anything different or challenging to your retentive assumptions. i was never a part of your group, i see that now, i am something else; i am the thing that destroys wo _______________________ EDIT
553 Bubblocalypse EDIT
636 Geckohiding EDIT
559 Laying on OTEC beach / Caught plane in clouds EDIT
548 Sage cleanse of rainbow obsidian EDIT
547 Flames EDIT
626 Geckopapaya EDIT
277 Snail EDIT
776 Parked in Kona EDIT
314 Other New Books This Year EDIT
46 NYC Trip 2014 or 2015? EDIT
51 Travel Home from NYC EDIT
52 NYC 2014 - Day 4 EDIT
50 NYC 2014 - Day 3 EDIT
49 NYC 2014 - Day 2 EDIT
381 Pod of Peas @Disney store, nyc EDIT
48 Day 1 - Central Park / Time Square EDIT
47 Travel to NYC EDIT
144 Orange Fungus Eating Wood EDIT
RIOT sssubtle Blastik