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Electro Video Gatherings SF Indiefest presents "Darkbeat: an Electro World Voyage"@Roxie Cinema, 16th St, SF

Directed by: Iris Cegarra
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 55

Director Iris Cegarra, who explored the prolific electro scene of South Florida in 2001’s “Bass Frequency,” followed by the highly-acclaimed Electro Dziska DVD two years later, now brings us “Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage.” An insider’s tour into the international electro music community, the film unfolds with astonishing visuals, fascinating interviews, archival clips, and animations while dropping rare electro tunes that trace the genre’s history.

Covering pioneers such as classical electronic composer and Stanley Kubrick-collaborator Wendy Carlos, and delving into the realm of acclaimed and upcoming musical wizards, activists, artists, DJs, party promoters, and label owners, Cegarra traces the genesis of this essential movement. Electro classics such as “Planet Rock,” “Hip Hop Bee Bop,” “Clear,” and “Numbers” continue to have an immense impact on today’s electro innovators. More than a documentary, Darkbeat is indeed the ultimate electro sound and visual experience.

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