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Curriculum Vitæ, Colophon


  • Ex'pression Center for New Media, 2002-2003

    Emeryville, CA, Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Graphic Design

  • Iowa State University, 2000-2001

    Ames, IA, Computer Science Major (Incompleted)

  • K-12, West Des Moines School District, 1987-2000

    G/E w/advanced placement in Biology and Computer Science

Most of my education is from reading and experimenting on my own terms.

Work Experience

  • Employment @ Native Instinct, August 2007 - October 2009

    Sites we have rebuilt from scratch and launched
    • Virgin Charter, this got taken over by an in-house team at Virgin in LA, but we did a whole lot of work on it, learned Jquery for this project
    • Rosa Pharmaceutical, i built this simple site in total (including base php framework) from design mockups
    • Glammedia, this was an online quiz, all that's left is this winners page which i built completely from design mockups
    • iLoop Mobile, my coworker yuri and i developed the front-end for this whole site, includes AJAX work
    • ParAccel, ... same with this one, includes some fairly complex form work, includes PHP and Javascript
    • FlipVideo, did some serious CSS legacy updating and new CSS for the storefront, built with two other developers, includes some ASP work
    • Radiesse, Helped with overall framework, built main XHTML+CSS template, constructed the map section and before and after section
    • Cytel, built and styled the contact form (with connectivity to SalesForce) and embedded customized Google maps
    Web Prototyping for these Clients
    • Visa
    • Wells Fargo
    Sites we have been doing heavy maintenance on
    sites we have been doing low maintenance on
  • Employment @ Sightspeed, June 2005 - May 2007

    Main completed tasks: upkept and developed front-end implementations/redesigns of corporate website, account management website, purchase processing website, and video mail viewer for an internet video conferencing application development company.

    • Converted the site to valid XHTML and CSS (properly separating content from presentation).
    • Cut the site into a templating system which enabled the switching over to using semantic URIs
    • Site-wide updates for new product versions... and just general upkeep of the site
    • Launched the video abilities and upkeep of videos on
    • Converted new designs (like the Purchase Process and Account Manager) to working web applications (XHTML and CSS work - from Photoshop design documents, I did not do the back-end work)
    • Reviewed and upgraded old code and fixed UI/text bugs inside the SightSpeed application/product (which is web-based)
    • Developed a process for building CSS-based email newsletters
    • Setup Google Analytics
  • Employment @ MADD World Media/Tribal Brands, June 2004 - October 2004

    Worked with clients like T-mobile, Motorola, and Verizon Wireless. Assisted the lead designer to complete the following web campaigns:

  • Internship @ MADD World Media, April 2004 - May 2004

    Worked with clients like Declarity, Bank of Alameda, Motorola, and Verizon Wireless. Assisted the lead designer to complete the web campaign. Assisted producers to create the following sites:

    Created media content for Motorola cellular phones.

  • Internship Project @ Attik, March 2004

    Three week motion graphics internship project for Nike. Did on-site photography as well as animation in After Effects using said photos.

  • Production Assistant @ Medical Industries America, 2001-2002

    Helped the manager with the warehouse database and did tasks for the assembly lines.

  • Medical Industries America, Adel, Iowa, 1998

    Packaging department

Pro-bono/freelance client projects are featured on my portfolio website:

For a full list of web dev work w/screenshots please see

Technical Qualifications


  • CSS (my strongest technical point, i've done fairly in-depth studying of browser quirks and testing rendering methods)
  • XHTML/XML/XSLT (I've spent a lot of time thinking about semantic data construction and translation)
  • PHP (I've started to get a more comprehensive view of this language lately)
  • Javascript/AJaX
  • ActionScript/Flash
  • C++ (one year in advanced placement course in high school, one semester at ISU)
  • Perl


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Flash
  • Alias/Wavefront Maya
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Softimage DS
  • BBEdit
  • Drupal


  • Microsoft Windows (NT)
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Unix/Linux (Various)


  • Digital Video/Still Cameras
  • Apple Computers
  • Various Scanners
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