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Somehow, I feel free right now.

classy clothing
a good job, for sure-
kiss him out on the street
in the cold fog of evening.
don't look at my eyes,
yours are the same-
scorpion destruction,
i know your kind well
i won't start
and nor will you.
all i want to know is-
how aware are you?
do you know how you glow?
you have your vision,
what part do you play in it?

thought break

fuck i'm lonely.

my bestfriend is leaving tomorrow. for a long time. i will miss you and your first born: Rufus.

i'd kill for some company.

is it bad that i want to be destroyed? used?

i've lost touch with how to conduct myself with humanity, it's true.

everything feels too attached. the programs are just oozing into one another all around us:

RIOT sssubtle Blastik