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I am within you, and of you.

At any slice in time of my existence any number of hyperdimensional situations are taking place, conducted by "the Collective Unconscious", socalled

which could mean that the gateway to hyperlight communication must also exist, if one were to be so inclined as to invoke thine brothers and sisters!

which also means ego death

subject-object blurring

Dyana -> Samadhi

According to Hinduism, dhyana is considered as a stage of awakening in such precious condition where you get obvious rid of maya (the false expression or emotion present in the world)

Dyana - Meditation is an unbroken flow of thought toward the object of concentration. Prolonged concentration. In the practice of meditation, a succession of identical waves (thoughts) are raised in the mind; and this is done so quickly that no one wave is allowed to subside before another arises to take its place.

Ego is the feelings/experiences one has about the self, which discerns itself from what is not itself. it is false because all its operations run under the misconception that the self is separate. temporary loss of this sense of self is achieved with psychedelic entheogens, giving one a perspective to analyze ones actions from the standpoint of truly being outside the self and to potentially eradicate actions driven by the engine that thrives masked under the veil of the illusion of separativeness.

The ego is the mechanism by which one feels separate, it arises from the perception system's perception of feedback about the self and becomes a complex engine that filter's expressions about the self into its environment such that the feedback is positive with regards to the ego itself. it is built and fortified by social/environmental feedback. First as a brutal survival tool in the animal kingdom now as a social-engineering tool among humanity. Grammatic structure and teminology usage have an impact on its development in the socio-sphere. For example: One may say "i think...." something is a certain way, which keeps perspective in tact. i feel that since it has become customary to simply state your expression of how you think something is, you cross the boundary from your feelings to the realm of imposing those feelings onto all of reality. and with that simple degradation of the concept of perspective (from the dropping of it from the normal usage of language in the culture) one then begins to clash with the Wills of those around them. by disagreeing on what "Reality" is and imposing ones feelings (especially about eachother) onto eachother we close eachother off. again, this is just one customary linguistic example.

The perception system obtains feedback and is taken by the illusion that: "if it is receiving feedback from the outside, then it and the mind and body connected to it are somehow something different than that outside".

this is a slight perspective veiling that gives birth to a whole new organism called ego.

This mechanism must be suppressed by the method of meditating on the Will and unbinding it from the expressions of opinion toward that Will's currently perceivable expression.

The ego thrives on attention from "external" sources. To shed it, one must let go, or, accept the outside world and its transitory culturally-biased opinions completely.

i feel you (& we) are beautiful

My will is to look back on the source

(Attribute)Magus. (Subject)Fortune (Type)Wisdom , 100
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