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Strength Harmony Svn

Laughter, Beauty, Tiferet, 6
Awakened Individual Higher-self Holy Guardian Angel תפארת
Genius, Dynamic Harmony

The Complete Banishment of the Jungian Shadow


the location of the "true" will via the modeling of the perception of one's elemental selves

the invocation of the pentagram

The Perfect Vehicle of Will on the Plane of Duality, or higher-self, or Augoeides, or Dæmon, or Self-alien), Sorrow-to-Wonder Transmutation
Uniting 10 (divine will/kether) and 1 (earth/malkuth) to birth 11 (The Crowned and Conquering Child, or Alchemical Scintilla, or TAO with regards to the individual and its Will)

The will is the way of things, the tao, the word of the law of going, which is the only law. The will of Nature in total trickles down to the individual. To become more conscious of the Will is the path of the aspirant. To finally realize itself as boundless and infinite in the heart of the All. The question is no longer "should you" but "will you."

Grade: Adeptus

Realization: 2 (the many) = 1

Sephiroth: 6) Tiphareth (beauty)

Persona (Will = Perception)

Subject Children 10

(Attribute)Magus. (Type)Wisdom (Subject)Fortune
RIOT sssubtle Blastik