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Gatherings Electro Dodocalypse@Hemlock

COMRADES! The crew of the D.M.A. Raphus Ineptus is proud to present to you our first booty-shaking evening of unbridled mayhem...

For those who don't know, we've just purchased a 37' 1977 Gillig school bus and are currently in the process of turning it into a gigantic Victorian airship! More info at the party.

Bring your friends to Space Gallery on March 27th and we'll be throwing down the hottest, sexiest dance beats in the galaxy. DJs will be spinning dubstep, electro disco, funk, rock and classics, and there will be art and food available for viewing and eating in whatever order you prefer.

Space gallery runs a beer and wine bar so prepare your livers in advance.

Rich DDT [Nexus/Lovetech]
DJ Oaty Love [Quest Quartz]
Sasquatch Borracho [Bronson]
Manopause [Monticello]
Yudo Nomi [Monticello]

Posters by Kevin Scott Hailey

Massage by Nicole Stevenson

$5-10 sliding scale suggested donation (no one turned away)

Hope to see you all there!

-- Crew of the D.M.A Raphus Ineptus

Please note the venue is 21+
RIOT sssubtle Blastik