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Gatherings Techno Electro Breakcore Void Tactical Media presents: x24 (Bayarea)

Converging a full lineup of our closest collaborators, x24 rocks the dancefloor while presenting the approach we have cultivated in Detroit for the last 7 years. Long time ally Additiv arrives from Berlin, Vasculator and Xanopticon(Hymen) represent Pittsburgh, and Diskore brings the beats of Darkmatter Soundsystem, Los Angeles. Dimentia (Void/Katabatik), Intoner (Bass Contortion), and Split Horizon, now living in Oakland, back up the sounds while FTG core members Gwen and Heather completely transform the space. Continuing 2010's cycle of slamming events - Deep Core in April (Detroit) and Saturation in June (NYC) - x24 promises to be our first ever full scale event on the West Coast. Expanding our commitment to critical engagement with technology and collaborative formations to this new arena, Void Tactical is excited to share the exploration with SFBay friends, new and old. This event is at a confirmed underground Oakland location, with doors running 9pm-4am. More details will be posted as the event nears. Hard broken bass and distorted electro - our style. Come dance with us.

Full Lineup

  • Additiv - SFBay / Berlin
  • Vasculator - Pittsburgh
  • Diskore - LA
  • Dimentia - SFBay
  • Split Horizon - Detroit
  • Xanopticon - Pittsburgh
  • Intoner - SFBay
ryan friedrich (xanopticon): 10-10:40
diskore: 10:40-11:10
intoner: 11:10-12
additiv: 12:00-12:40
vasculator: 12:40-1:20
dimentia: 1:20-2:00
split horizon: 2:00-2:40
xanopticon: 2:40-3:20
diskore: 3:20 ->
visuals by panoptix

FB Event:

RSVP to for entry discounted to $8

More info:


Ghost Town Gallery
2519 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

Feel free to let others known about the location - it's not super secretive, but be aware that we are trying to, as always, keep things as low profile as possible. Additionally, plan to take valuables out of any vehicles as it's not the most secure neighborhood.

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