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Anatomy Infrastructure p38 Range Rover Mk2 - 1995 - 4.0se - GEMS

Acquired in late 2013 for $2,000

Fully restored: electronics systems

  • fitted new commercial size battery
  • replaced alternator+cleaned and rebuilt it
  • replaced fusebox
  • replaced battery cables with short fat copper ones
  • fitted battery voltage meter

Fully restored: brake system

  • replaced brake booster module
  • replaced brake pump accumulator
  • cleaned and fitted old reservoir on to new booster
  • bled brake system to spec w/single person bleeding tool

Fully restored: engine cooling system

  • replaced several hoses/hoseclamps
  • temporarily diverted coolant around heatercore
  • replaced coolant pump and gasket
  • cleaned radiator
  • replaced coolant reservoir tank cap
  • replaced coolant temperature sensor

Fully restored: engine fueling system

  • fitted new fuel pump

Partially restored: stereo system

  • fitted aftermarket deck with appropriate harnesses
  • restored subwoofer
  • restored all door speakers

Partially restored: climate control system

  • repaired blend motor
  • replaced heater core
  • replaced blower motor

    Subject Children 25

    (Attribute)Magus. (Type)Wisdom (Subject)Fortune
    (Attribute)Magus. (Subject)Fortune Infrastructure , 100
    RIOT sssubtle Blastik