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  1. Thermostat replaced: 19.44953667,-155.11388889
  2. Punalu\'u explorations: 19.13638611,-155.63666667
  3. Orange Coral Fungus: 19.54160833,-154.87222222

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You are looking at an archive of the progression of the life of Sophia Rhea Organa Nebula Aldaraia. an individual organism.

See for a broader overview of my work.

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  1. The digital age gives us: linear user experience funnels and true-versus-false logic pathways Sat Mar 16 20:27:26 +000
  2. I kind of think the dualistic digital computer environment actually inherently promotes divisive and neurotic minds… Sat Mar 16 20:23:21 +000
  3. Since my inner thinking is so infused with Liber AL, I find it tricky not to “discuss” the contents of the book (th… Sat Mar 16 20:02:09 +000
  4. You can change the minds of others, you can extinguish the sun too. These things seem about equally difficult. Sat Mar 16 19:06:41 +000
  5. I only want us to come to an understanding (of our singular beingness/singular responsibility/singular choice/of th… Sat Mar 16 18:42:00 +000
  6. Just because I’m (rarely) pissed off and identifying things outside my body or mind that need to change to create a… Sat Mar 16 18:38:06 +000
  7. Zardu Hassellfrau. That is all. Sat Mar 16 18:20:02 +000
  8. Just posted a photo Thu Mar 14 19:43:35 +000
  9. Want to hangout today? @ Fern Forest, Hawaii Thu Mar 14 19:16:54 +000
  10. RT @TerenceMcKenna_: If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illu… Thu Mar 14 19:09:08 +000
  11. I had a great tour guide in Egypt, she is half Egyptian (which is becoming a rare genetic line in the Arab country… Wed Mar 13 18:57:58 +000
  12. Anyone else feel the massive 5.5 quake that hit during the night? ...Felt like a huge collapse of some kind (crater… Wed Mar 13 18:53:11 +000
  13. "Nuit is the infinite expansion of the Rose; Hadit is the infinite concentration of the Rood" Wed Mar 13 02:14:14 +000
  14. @comburo lol! <3 ! that bread loaf makes the "th" sound, so it shows up in hieroglyphs a lot Wed Mar 13 00:55:54 +000
  15. ... Ra and Apophis are seen by the profane to be bitter foes, when in reality Apophis is the dark chaotic serpent h… Wed Mar 13 00:49:10 +000
  16. The major problem in mystical mythology is when the fighting/pitting of gods between other gods is taken literally,… Wed Mar 13 00:47:37 +000

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