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  1. Thermostat replaced: 19.44953667,-155.11388889
  2. Punalu\'u explorations: 19.13638611,-155.63666667
  3. Orange Coral Fungus: 19.54160833,-154.87222222

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You are looking at an archive of the progression of the life of Ova Rhea Sophia Organa Nebula Aldaraia. an individual organism.

See for a broader overview of my work.

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  1. Why they don’t teach us that our mouth noises are the numbers are the letters are the forces of nature on the first… Tue Sep 17 01:27:37 +000
  2. Letters that sound similar are made by similar mouth configurations and therefor have similar core glyphs and have numeric relationships Tue Sep 17 01:24:27 +000
  3. G=3= ☾=J=j=g=9 Tue Sep 17 01:13:41 +000
  4. The letter glyphs originate in the mouth and vocal physiological configuration required to make their sound. Ex: G… Tue Sep 17 01:06:03 +000
  5. 31[Lambda[libra]-Alpha[air]]:3[Gamma[moon]]:44[Mv[water]-Delta[venvs]]: "Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart!" Mon Sep 16 22:20:25 +000
  6. That each individual isn't the messiah is the lie the slave culture shoves down everyone's throat: they want you at… Mon Sep 16 21:51:03 +000
  7. Engaging with me is like engaging with a cobra as I am ever the moon Mon Sep 16 21:30:47 +000
  8. There's a purity in that which can easily deconstruct a man and there is a dirtiness to a man who refuses to underg… Mon Sep 16 20:54:36 +000
  9. RT @41Strange: Michelle Pfeiffer trying on her Catwoman mask for Batman Returns (1992) Mon Sep 16 20:49:29 +000
  10. Nothing can hurt or scare me Mon Sep 16 20:46:45 +000
  11. You hate me because you’re scared of the highest truth, thatwhich I embody. You hate me because you hate Goddess wh… Mon Sep 16 19:45:58 +000
  12. Mon Sep 16 19:35:39 +000
  13. I’m here to deconstruct your failed enterprises Mon Sep 16 19:33:21 +000
  14. ALL(“everything”)=1+30+30=61=1+10+50=AIN(“nothing”) Mon Sep 16 02:29:54 +000
  15. RT @yodaism: If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are, a different game you should play. Mon Sep 16 01:53:56 +000
  16. @ImmortalMasters KAR-MA = 20+1+200+40+1 = 262 ⚖️ Mon Sep 16 01:51:17 +000

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