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  1. Thermostat replaced: 19.44953667,-155.11388889
  2. Punalu\'u explorations: 19.13638611,-155.63666667
  3. Orange Coral Fungus: 19.54160833,-154.87222222

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You are looking at an archive of the progression of the life of Ova Rhea Sophia Organa Nebula Aldaraia. an individual organism.

See for a broader overview of my work.

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  1. As my sagely friend Carene once said: serious is, but too serious isn't Tue Jul 16 21:08:13 +000
  2. I can see the facts of reincarnation and, if one persists, the inevitability of personal and universal success... so I don’t have to fret Tue Jul 16 21:05:49 +000
  3. Pretty sure George Lucas modeled the Yoda character from J. Krishnamurti Tue Jul 16 19:59:34 +000
  4. I did the hard work to identify the choices of all beings with my own will, so i don't have to fret Tue Jul 16 19:51:12 +000
  5. Seems like the universe is pushing everyone else to finally face the big questions that i've always felt were unavo… Tue Jul 16 19:47:16 +000
  6. Grateful for the ocean today, glowing with salt crystal skin tonight Tue Jul 16 07:51:52 +000
  7. Mankind already are perfect Masters, it is only the noise of the lower bodies that creates the obscuration for a du… Tue Jul 16 04:45:53 +000
  8. Humanity has an evolutionary arc that is quite strict, somehow the genetics is linked into it, all mankind eventual… Tue Jul 16 04:41:16 +000
  9. ... and so we will eventually learn to take sweet care with all of these matters... where it goes from there is ple… Tue Jul 16 04:38:27 +000
  10. ... puts humanity on the forefront of cosmic conscious evolution as it expresses truly free will while experiencing… Tue Jul 16 04:35:41 +000
  11. That the deepest intelligence, wisdom and spiritual power has gone into creating, sustaining and progressively fine… Tue Jul 16 04:31:30 +000
  12. @4lien4ngel Tue Jul 16 03:53:28 +000
  13. Access makes the heart grow fonder Tue Jul 16 03:41:00 +000
  14. Stuffed aminal Mon Jul 15 19:26:54 +000
  15. Finally finished organizing my dj track library into 9 time-of-day slots.. this organizing method works for imagery as well Sun Jul 14 02:24:48 +000
  16. When will do Sat Jul 13 07:50:11 +000

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