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Gatherings Breakcore Teen Suicide pres: Sickboy, Droon, Belladonnakillz

Saturday, August 22 - West Oakland, Ca

Teen Suicide Records chops, screws and scrambles up the freshest beats for you. The mash will include a smattering of hard techno, a side of breakcore, all spiced up with dub and acid. Yummy!

Jamie Ball (Third Movement, Turning Point - Scotland): Scottish maniac Jamie Ball has been putting out techno on his label Turning Point since 1999. He has made guest appearances on Si Begg's Novamute label and his latest record was released on Rotterdam's legendary Third Movement label. Expect the hardest, most booty, acidic techno possible. 
Sickboy (Breakcore Gives Me Wood, Tigerbeat6 - Belgium) Sickboy has made a big splash on the breakcore scene since his first record in 2002. He and fellow Belgian Droon have thrown some of the biggest breakcore parties in Europe with their Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties and are credited with popularizing the genre in the EU. Besides his promoting activites, Sickboy makes some of the sickest cut up breakcore, dubstep and jungle around. He has releases on Peace Off, Tigerbeat 6, death$ucker and Ad Nosieum. 
Droon (Breakcore Gives Me Wood-Belgium): Known for his infamous Cripplefight remix, Droon has been making breakcore, speedbass, cutup madness with his buddy Sickboy for the last decade. His live show is off the hook and known for blowing minds. 
Belladonnakillz (Drosstik - Canada) If the notion of some ADD-prone kids squirting LCD into their ears whilst scoffing a bowl of sugar on a gabba merry-go-round gets you intrigued, then may we cordially introduce you to Belladonnakillz. Having already graced vinyl with the likes of Duran Duran Duran, Knifehandchop and Rotator, the one-man digital imp Belladonnakillz will be gracing the bay area with his mashed up synth pop gabber nuttiness.

Plus we have a bunch of locals faves:

Eustachian (Fathme - Ca) - live - Mathematical speedcore/grindcore chaos
Exillon (Zod, Ad Noiseum - Oakland) - live - Beautiful acidic soundscapes into half step bass madness
666Gangstaz vs rtype (Teen Suicide Records - San Francisco, Oakland) - live - demented hardcore techno glitched together with electro, dub and whatever else gets the crowd moving.
Jack Clang (Havoc Sound - San Lorenzo) The sound that makes crowd move their feet.
Sour (Havoc Sound - Hayward) - live -tough as nails hoover naughtiness


$12. All night starting at 10 PM! Check or call (415) 762-3616 on the date of the party for information and directions. Location will be known to a few and discovered by many but it is legendary. DO NOT MISS!
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