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Gatherings Breakcore Techno Monsters of Love 2009 @5lowershop

saturday feb 14th...
it's that time again...
time to unleash the bay area's finest audio mutants, bass warriors and space/time annihilators upon an unsuspecting populace. time to let your emotions come to a boil...
that's right... it's...
two rooms of sounds to cause you panic...
room one..
disaster area: earth shaking, pulse pounding dancefloor excitement...
  • zanbai
  • dJ megabitch
  • amandroid
  • exillon
  • dJ .0000001
  • being1
  • d-syn
  • spukkin' faceship
  • kid kameleon
  • solstingr
  • staypuft dJ
  • dJ hadji
  • lux aka rodman
  • brad electro
  • marin
  • rtype
  • fishstix
  • stapler
  • dJ white trash
room two..
final showdown: unearthly, catastrophic, panic inducing insanity...
  • squid eye
  • blipvert
  • 2xintheface
  • laskfar vortok
  • david8
  • kon396
  • heartworm
  • crackhouse
  • dJ anethtesist
  • jen blum
  • dimentia
  • filthmilk
  • prion
  • mC subzero
  • djynnx
  • murdasloth
installations and art from:
absurd research labs, deadpedal, the nikki, johnny ace and more
visual stimulations by:
vJ kevlar, crackhouse, dvd8
herbal elixer lounge by max salamander
refreshments from zobotnik enterprises
10 dollar donation at the door... no one turned away for lack of funds.
9pm until we're done...
415.762.3616 for directions the day of the event...
RIOT sssubtle Blastik