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Gatherings Breakcore 5lowershop presents Hecate

saturday, august 23rd...

5lowershop soundsystem invites you to an evening of intense sonic manipulation...
we're proud to throw down with some of the west coasts' finest electronic musicians,
representing oregon, washington, north cali and socal... bringing the hardest beats
to the bay area for this night of sonic debauchery...

from hecate's blackened industrial metal, to seppuku's speedcore
turntablism, to the dancefloor anthems of foxdye and the
hiphop/breakcore stylings of doctor dirkwert III, our guests
bring the cutting edge to the dancefloor...

supported by the bay area's hardest weirdos tearing up shit on the decks and with
live P.A.'s, this is an event not to be missed...

it's a celebration of summertime in san francisco...
expect old friends, new faces, and more bassbin mangling sounds
than you can shake a stick at...

with outta towners:

>_hecate (zhark, hymen, berlin/olympia)
>_seppuku (dead culture, santa barbera)
>_foxdye (reactionary, fkdup records, olympia)
>_fukemup (fkdup records, portland)
>_doc dirkwert III (5lowershop, colorado)
>_mc firedrill (superbutton, olympia)

'longside bay area heavyweights:

>_vankmen (teen suicide, fathme)
>_EDN (dead culture, naboamusic)
>_nakedslice (tbi25, otherworld)

>_pu22L3 vs. build 128 (slowleak records, daly city records)
>_zambai (spAZ)

plus your favorite 5lowershop resident dJs and live acts rounding out the evening...

8 dollar donation at the door to cover expenses for our outta
town guests...

call 415.762.3616 the day of the event for directions and info...


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