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Australia Trip 2003 Travel West Aus

So I'm here in Perth. Forgot how beautiful this part of the world is.. Lost a couple days with flying and crossing over time zones... Me and my brother Paul went out the first night we got here. Went to this huge bar near the river and near the University of Western Australia. The place was packed with hundreds of preppy college kids. I felt pretty damn out of place. Paul met some people and they took us to another club downtown... Fuckin' too much, some dress up cover band doing new school punk rock songs, it's funny all the kids here sing along to that shit.. Didn't do much yesterday, rested, shopped, ate, recovered from the drinking.. Dad has shown me all the places where he grew up, and where he wants to move to. Writing this from my dad's mom's house, good to see her, might not get the chance again.

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