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Harmony Friends Cosmology A note of encouragement for my Friends

All of the most ecstatic, elated, jubilant, exciting, delicious, rewarding moments of my life are so great and so appreciated, there are no complaints here. And yet they are just as important, just as deep, just as potentially fulfilling as *this present moment*.

There is no better place or time or entity to be than here and now and thee.

No one *out there* (in this vast world) is in a better position than you now stand.
No one *out there* is better privileged or has an easier shot at honest Success than you now do.
No one *out there* is having a more important or special or unique experience than yours is now.

Sit on the ground.
Feel the charge from this Earth move up your spine.
Look at the sky.
Feel the charge from the Heavens move down your spine.

Raise yourself up (in loving devotion) to yourself.
To your experience.
It is truly divine. It is truly unique. It is truly yours.

Watch a snail glide. Watch a blade of grass quiver. Watch raindrops drop.
Watch the most grand to the most minute of details.

Be in it. You are it. Let the Joy of this Union fill your Heart.

Elsewhere and elsewhen are fantasies you know little about.

You are here. You are pure. You are perfect in your Self.
You are the Angel of your Life.
You are the absolute Creator of your World.
You have chosen your experiences.

No one has forced you.
We are not ants to a hateful lord
or pawns on a cosmic board.

If freewill was not truly free there would be no point to any of this choosing.
This allowance of the experience of choice is what is guiding our Evolution.
Without a point there is no reason for the crafting of this immensely beautiful Universe, this ecstatic Movement, this charging Energy.

Do you really wish to believe we are victims?
That we are doomed to fail?
That we are being tricked?
What good will this bring?

Breathe deep.
Breathe in Heaven. Breathe out Earth.
Breathe in the Father. Breathe out the Mother.
You are the Child. You are a Star. You are a brilliant Sun. You are a Genius.
You are beautiful. You are beloved.
Bring your self forward. Bring your chord to our Harmony.
Sing your lovesong.

You are wanted. You are loved.
We want you. We want all of you. We want your style.
We want your beauty. We want your grace. We want your love.

There is no one that can bring the gifts you can.

Please keep giving. Please keep living. Please keep thriving.
Please keep choosing. Please keep connecting. Please keep evolving.


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