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Anatomy Physical

I am sick, I have a cold. It is stifling my work and personal life. I noticed now more than before how emotionally unstable it can pull me. The mind and body are one thing, they're inexorably linked into one piece of flesh. We are flesh and flesh alone, this cold is more proof of that fact.

Sometimes it seems easy to think that our conscious/the organ that creates it is not flesh/is not physical. This is the lie enforced by biology, this is the tendency that brings about the need for white-light and classic religions. The idea of "meta-physical", the idea of "god", etc. These are all inventions of the unadvanced mind of man, we are not used to consciousness, we are just starting to evolve with it, we are young. To share this form with everyone means pain. I am in pain. Mostly just with this damn cold though.

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