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Dream Dreamtime

I dreamed that people browsing Google Maps satellite imagery located some sort of gigantic self-portrait of George W. Bush made out of raised sections of grass out on his ranch somewhere, G.W. visible from space. Then there was some kind of TV show playing and Al Gore was on it saying that this proves "Bush is an egotistical freak" or something to that effect.

Later in the dream I'm on some alien desert planet. The people there seemed to be under Bush's rule and fighting against it. They were all afraid of dying from a small spider looking creature with several more than eight legs. They had this slightly raised tomb over the ground that took in light from the sun and transmitted light out of it much stronger than what went in. They said the light leaving the tomb was much stronger than "any optics could produce". I think they wanted to use it as a Weapon of Mass Destruction...

As much as I like to stay away from political topics especially during this administration - my dream life is influneced by them yet.

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