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Video Gatherings Alice (in Wonderland (in 3D))

... would've been better in psilocybin-vision. Perhaps then the 75% of the audience that did not realize that the dragon was actually a symbol for the inner-demon of illusion called Choronzon and that the entire film was actually a multi-layered metaphorical symbol of incredible subtlety. The film masterfully encourages the masses to banish said demon thereby creating new beginnings (see: 11) AKA accomplishing the magickal work.

The "place" called Wonderland is used to describe how Nature approaches the "individual" via a series of ordeals in order to awaken him/her to foreign aspects of perception and ability (which are two sides of the same coin). The quickest and most effective way of interfacing with the (M)other is via psychedelic shifting of perception by entheogen ingestion (which i feel was at least alluded to in the film). Another common method is through control of dreams, as is the case in the film, which also symbolizes metamorphosis (11 again)... an awakening of consciousness a layer deeper.

The film leaves out only one detail of the storyline: what she ate before tumbling down that hole.

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