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You are looking at an archive of the progression of the life of Ova Rhea Sophia Organa Nebula Aldaraia. an individual organism.

See for a broader overview of my work.

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  1. RT @inoitoh: Sun Jan 17 23:57:39 +000
  2. RT @somefellow6: If you're ever in any doubt as to how deep the multigenerational anti-nationalist brainwashing is, remember - people kick… Sun Jan 17 23:37:29 +000
  3. RT @sangye_khado: "the truth that has crossed over" ~ "Ankh-af-na-khonsu" ~ "new lunar light birth" Sun Jan 17 23:27:11 +000
  4. RT @sangye_khado: "Behold! we are one, and the tempest of years Goes down to the dusk and the Beetle appears." Sun Jan 17 23:24:26 +000
  5. RT @photo5065: Sun Jan 17 23:22:55 +000
  6. ...My heart is filled with my mistress. I have no fear of anyone. I spend the night in quiet sleep, because I have a protector" Fri Nov 13 01:31:57 +000
  7. "And he found Mut at the head of the gods, Fate and fortune in her hand, Lifetime and breath of life are hers to co… Fri Nov 13 01:31:55 +000
  8. @chrismartlin @AlanWattsDaily winning is beyond the knowledge needed to experience it Mon Sep 07 01:53:27 +000
  9. @chrismartlin @AlanWattsDaily I wouldn't know Sat Sep 05 04:47:01 +000
  10. @DarkHeraclitean We are one singular unit whose constituent parts are not equal Sat Sep 05 04:39:16 +000
  11. @AlanWattsDaily One can accurately see evil without condemning or hating Wed Sep 02 06:08:18 +000
  12. RT @LassMacarthur: Israel Is In Charge of Facebook’s Censorship of American Free Speech Wed Sep 02 05:55:27 +000
  13. RT @archillect: Wed Sep 02 05:53:54 +000
  14. RT @Nature_and_Race: Just a reminder, Adolf Hitler didn't obtain political power through force. He was elected by the German people to cru… Wed Sep 02 05:36:33 +000
  15. RT @Unrelenting22: This 6% business is just another distraction to keep people invested in at least SOME of the narrative. None of it is re… Wed Sep 02 05:34:44 +000
  16. The slaves do what gets them personal gain, this is their morality, a morality relative to their separate illusion… Wed Sep 02 05:18:05 +000

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