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  1. Thermostat replaced: 19.44953667,-155.11388889
  2. Punalu\'u explorations: 19.13638611,-155.63666667
  3. Orange Coral Fungus: 19.54160833,-154.87222222

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You are looking at an archive of the progression of the life of Ova Rhea Sophia Organa Nebula Aldaraia. an individual organism.

See for a broader overview of my work.

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  1. RT @SophiaCycles1: [Individuation] relates to the challenge of uniting in dynamic synthesis the personal transpersonal dimensions of life,… Sun Dec 15 19:36:26 +000
  2. RT @finnegansreader: as often as he was called in to umpire any octagonal argu-ment among slangwhangers, the accomplished washout always us… Sun Dec 15 19:31:20 +000
  3. RT @ImmortalMasters: The world you live within is Light Sun Dec 15 19:30:39 +000
  4. RT @archillect: Sun Dec 15 19:30:27 +000
  5. @mythistorian I see what you’re saying but it’s not a universal truth by any means.. and I don’t like the idea of l… Sun Dec 15 19:26:40 +000
  6. I have no idea what is meant by liberal and conservative parties.. seems like liberal means homogenize everyone and… Sat Dec 14 18:57:27 +000
  7. I’ve never heard an attack on Trump that wasn’t a failed attempt at criticizing his character. No one I ask can giv… Sat Dec 14 18:55:11 +000
  8. @mythistorian Only if they amassed the wealth by doing bad things and are not using their amassed wealth to do grea… Sat Dec 14 18:30:13 +000
  9. I’m comfortable being born into a male body because I am awake as my hermaphrodite immortal soul. I think I chose m… Fri Dec 13 21:49:17 +000
  10. I tried taking feminine hormones to grow breasts, it mutilated my digestive system and was the only health problem… Fri Dec 13 21:46:54 +000
  11. I have been feeling this odd trickle of energy through my body Almost like a cold chill but it actually feels like good vibes Fri Dec 13 21:33:45 +000
  12. Luna * Pisces = Fire Mercury * Pisces = Sola Air * Pisces = Pisces Venus * Pisces = Saturn Fri Dec 13 20:50:20 +000
  13. There’s a difference between the human race becoming genetically pandrogynous over time (as it once was in the dist… Fri Dec 13 18:49:09 +000
  14. Found this mouse in a glass jar of water outside.. barely moving.. put him on paper and over my stove for warmth an… Fri Dec 13 18:22:50 +000
  15. “Gun homicides get far more attention in the popular press, but most gun deaths are the result of suicide.” Fri Dec 13 00:13:26 +000
  16. “There are more gun suicides than gun homicides in America Nearly 23,000 people died by firearm suicide in 2016.” Fri Dec 13 00:13:02 +000

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