amniöt Experiencer Notebook

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Hallucination Emotion Friends Anatomy Deepest Shade of Mushroom Blue

i have loved an xenomorph
and given birth to myself as a new kind of organism
guided by light
stripped of all convention
i am and can code
interfaced with foreign information systems
in a state of magical resonance
infused with song and imagination
show me
take me
hold me
tell me
i would also like to show you.
i saw tribal societies being infused with alien technologies
i saw entire civilizations being harvested and transported in grotesque ways
i saw the lines being blurred in every way possible
i saw my body as a vestigial vessel, an outgrowth of this planet
i felt an earthquake hit
i saw my relationship to time changing to prepare for infinity.
i saw a glowing book

(Attribute)Magus. (Subject)Fortune Hallucination , 100
RIOT sssubtle Blastik