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Mexico 2007 Remove Your Head from Your Balloon Knot, Por Favor

A pool cut into rock where reef fish dwell.
A pool uncut, tidal formation, a striped eel basks.
Awaiting night and a return to the sea.
Orchestrating fish schools, my goggles and fins.
Slam me into sharp coral, my kayak rides waves.
The shell of a beast packed delicately in styrofoam, your new northern home.
Whitey rides dolphins for $150 a piece.
Whitey feeds on cheap delicacies from the troughs, pumped full of alcohol.
A Hollywood film presented beach-side, feel close enough to home for y'all?
And oh thee Delphinus - an early Gaiain attempt at Mind Export, sway in the fluid (constant meditation), I long to learn from thee.
My outer layers aflame from our dying Star, you burn brightly above our thin atmosphere.
Under thee I lay drained, observing the surf shaping the coastline with might, constant fractal flux.
And a vow of nonflux, thou art wed on the water, 'as long as you both shall live'.
Tear the hook from the barracuda's mouth, dissect the animal, put it in your mouth, chew, chew on life, take in this world and give back, all is alive and all is love.
Savour this moment that cannot be described or beheld, all is moving, too fast to catch.
Remains of the sea cow's meal (lettuce head), packed as a slave, too small cage.

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