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Cosmology Friends Morality and Destiny are Matters of Dimensionality

The moment one suppresses the true self* is the moment that that self attempts to manipulate the way others perceive it. This is the physical-body-oriented ill-intent that the ego expresses from the human organism... Which can spiral into mental pathology for many modern persons like myself. Though no thing can be good nor evil. The human entity bound to time must make the choice they tend to feel is most proper under the banners of wholeness, wholesomeness and connectedness (which the ego attempts to revolt against) if they are attempting the path of ascension.

All things are cast by the shadow of zero. All is illusion. To be attached to some of these is to be human. Though cleansing means detachment. Allowing the foreign to penetrate you.

*note that the true self has already decided to suppress itself through the human organism or not (for its own experiencial purposes). which removes the power for a human to do good or evil. transcendent forces govern the universe in total, you are that force but with self-imposed/temporary boundaries. some must play the part of the tragedy.

sin is restriction.

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