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(Type)Wisdom Yoga Emotion All is Arbitrary, Temporary Illusion / All is Light

unless one is attempting to de-power some aspect that has been talking too loudly: calling anything illusion is meaningless, as all is thus. all current illusion is the will of the all.

a possibly useful filter: is something based on rejection? That is the darkness (from voyager perspective/plane of duality).

Though All is Light on the Absolute plane.

the dark is the delusion of the MANY in the voyager... that delusion expresses itself in many ways but is avoidable IF THOU WILT

One (of The Many) can accept* (which means compassion) and evolve as said voyager wilt.

*full acceptance means dissolving into the void

That will guides Nuit and her company Hadit. These infinites compose the unification deities of the aeons of the manifestation planes.

(Attribute)Magus. (Subject)Fortune (Type)Wisdom , 100
RIOT sssubtle Blastik