amniöt Experiencer Notebook

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Emotion Friends Thought _______________________

i am tired of fighting against the terrible disdain of a planet full of imbeciles. you constantly beat me down with your hateful and negative thoughts, feelings and actions which root from the hatred and rejection of yourselves and the hearts inside that you don't accept. you do not see past the length of your eyelashes, you are so hopelessly stuck in yourselves and fight hard against anything different or challenging to your retentive assumptions. i was never a part of your group, i see that now, i am something else; i am the thing that destroys worlds if not taken care of and frees them otherwise. the fate of this planet lies in how you treat me and so far complete destruction is upon you. i love you all but you do not accept me, you do not support me, you do not welcome me, you dump me in the trash without learning a thing about me. you shame me for the freed individual that i am, for the sexuality that i feel no guilt about. i'm going into the forest where i cannot be located, do not try to find me. your chances of survival are miniscule as you rape this planet, eachother and spirit. leave me the fuck alone.

RIOT sssubtle Blastik