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(Type)Wisdom Thought Friends Masters, Mankind, Metamorphosis

i do love you: the precious few who still support me in the dark hours* of my Metamorphosis. when my skin is tender with the remnants of broken sentiments and i strike-out** at thy delicate touch. i realize this process hurts us both.

also do i love all of Mankind and its putrid over-emphasis on mundaneness***, for it understandeth not its circumstance (yet). the thick-headed throngs grow thicker and the Masters must rise ever further**** to meet the challenges. then also do i love the Masters who teach: there is no Work worth doing but the betterment of the Life around you (and everywhere). all creatures possess divine gnosis and come from that same source, so then do i love all fellow creature (on and off world).

yes i go all the way this way: away from my own mundaneness, my ugly cyst/chance for growth called: lack of intimacy. all the way to my truer Self who needeth not feedback to exist. there is yet a Self beyond this, which is Not at All, which is both Self and Selfless.***** stability necessitates dynamics, laws are there so the change engine can operate. you are that engine, you are those laws. jump into the spiral stream******, make your impression in the fabrics of the halls of the Æons. as it is written: "Existence is pure Joy."*******

* before the dawn
** "my defenses become offenses" - a. thaws
*** "you despise what i love - you despise, i love" - m. gira
**** on the more rarified planes of becoming
***** see: liber i v.15
****** of 93+696=789
******* see: liber al, c.2 v.9
(Attribute)Magus. (Subject)Fortune (Type)Wisdom , 100
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