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Dream Forest Witch House

adventuring through a forest with some kids
come across this young girl who takes us down a path
to come to this closedup house, like all squashed together

she had been sleeping in a little section where the house
meets the ground and there was a sleeping bag there like a cocoon
we somehow hit some button that caused the house to open up
we saw bones of people in the cross-section of the basement
we went into the front door to find a nicely kept house
no one was there
we split up to look around
it seemed like it had been a nazi general's house during ww2
i went to the master bedroom and found a master closet
at the end of the closet was a door
i went in to find a scarlet-decorated witch who lived/slept in the house
she seemed young and beautiful and hardly stirred by our entry.
her face was a spiral like the elders in my other woods/portal dreams.

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