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Went to SF last night, haven't been out on the town for a while, definately needed it. Went over with Abraham, his GF Ashleigh and his friend Saloman, who's in town for just a couple days, very cool guy. Once we got over the baybridge we parked at Dan's apartment lot and got Dan. Ashleigh jokingly waved down a limo, and they actually stopped and asked where we needed to go, they quoted us a $20 ride, so we hopped in, jebus, wtf were we doing in a damn limo? It was funny shit, we dug in to the free vodka, that was the most ammount of vodka I've drank in that small ammount of time...

We got out near the party space. It was a super nice setup, lots of room, tons of cool peoples. The DJs spun some kick ass electro,, very enjoyable audios. I drank a couple rasberry/vodkas and proceeded to get down. Good visuals too, I need to learn some kind of VJ software. For some reason I spent most of the night standing on this big rotating plexiglass disk, haha, it was fun to dance on/observe all the people.

I got to meet two people, Matt and Lisa, that I've seen a bunch of times before, but never met. Oh yeah I met this other dude too, his name's GOBLIN, he had a Hocico shirt on and for some reason was taking photos of my friends so I had to talk to him, haha. Dan fucking slapped my arm with the back of his hand and now i've got this hand print welt on my arm, I hope he has one of my hand too.

Abe had a pounding headache, so we had to leave. I was pretty damn drunk by this time, but when we got back to East Bay I drank even more, christ... I'm feeling it still as I write this. Abe is booking Funkstorung for a show next month, and he told me I'm spinning at that event, jeez, I don't know if it's really going to happen, but fuck it'd be cool, I'm excited/freaked out by it. More on that later. It was a great night, thanks to Anna & Stacy for organizing the event, thanks to my friends for their friendship.

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