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Autonomous Mutant Festival XIII Friends Hallucination AMF13 Journal

still processing this...... the more i reflect the more amazing it feels.... some highlights:

the soundsystem camps were so so pleasing to see out in that setting after years of bay area undergrounds... all my acquaintances from that scene were there... the drugs were amazing and i had some of the prettiest and most intense visions ever.... m3sc4line [first time], 5hr00ms, L25, 2-Ci and K were all in my system by the end of the weekend!... the presence of "the other" was at times so overwhelming at one point i literally thought the campgrounds had shifted and left this planet.... had a run-in with an attendee that ended in a tragic event after i left (there's a big long story i have to tell about this but face-to-face seems best).... the only really negative things i have to say are that the folks could've been a bit more inviting and the parties a bit more engaging (too much of the time i'd be the only person in front of a soundsystem dancing).... oh and much much better selection of music than burningman could ever supply! (dubstep, jungle, breakcore, hardcore, tekno, blackmetal, darkambient and of course "experimental" were all represented strongly).... basically, i think you all would've enjoyed it!

i saw heaven, i overcame the possibility of hell, i cried and i writhed in the dirt with ecstatic joy.....

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